Mockler Lab

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Darren O'Brien

Lab Technician

The focus of Darren’s work in the Mockler lab has been on the LOR2049-11 “Lewis” robot, manufactured by Thermo Scientific. The robot is designed to perform a high throughput yeast one hybrid assay, utilizing 768 different promoter sequences, synthesized in the lab, to assess transcription factor/promoter interactions. Darren’s responsibilities have included assessing the system and its components, negotiating service contracts, obtaining required service and maintenance for the system and its components, and working with the team of technicians in the lab to complete the development of the YIH process on the system. He has also been involved with a collaborative project with two other labs in the center to develop an Illumina RNASeq library construction process on a Hamilton Nimbus robot.
Darren’s previous lab experience came at The Genome Institute at The Washington University Medical School, where for thirteen years he worked extensively with a variety of high throughput automation in the Technology Development Group, 454 Sequencing group, and the Automated Library Construction groups.
Darren is currently enrolled in the Biotechnology Associates program at Florissant Valley Community College. When not at work on in school, he spends time with his kids, plays guitar, and does as much camping as possible.